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Trust My Love: The Toussaints #1

When a cop's family is threatened, nothing will stop him — not even a strange and secretive woman.

An innocent in jeopardy…
Missing Persons detective Philippe Toussaint is no stranger to keeping cool under pressure. But when his only niece is abducted, he'll do anything to secure her safe return. With few clues and limited time, he seeks answers from every resource, no matter how far-fetched.

An excruciating dilemma…
Artist Claire Davenport escaped to New Orleans to outrun the pain and humiliation of her childhood. She keeps to herself and never lets anyone too close, but when a frightened teen girl shows up in her dreams and her most recent paintings, she knows she can no longer hide.


Opening Hearts (Hero's Heart Series #1)

What did five years of abstinence get her?

Knocked-up, that’s what.

Jessalyn would have told the smoking-hot Dad-to-be, if only she knew how to reach him.

Or his name…if only she knew his name.

When smokejumper Sam returns to his hometown after the annual firefighting season ends, he has no plans for fatherhood. His lifestyle is too risky, and he loves his job -- almost as much as he loves women.

Until fate brings him Jessalyn...again.

Do you like firefighters, secret babies and second chances? If so, Opening Hearts, a joyful, contemporary romance is for you.