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Sample Chapters, Vampire Bodyguard

So when did vampires end up being the good guys?



SAMPLE CHAPTER_ NOBLESWORD Katalina Leon_Part of Hot and Sinful Nights Boxed Set. This exclusive sex boutique caters to discriminating tastes, but is it as dangerous as it looks?

NOBLESWORD by Katalina Leon
Did curiosity really kill the cat, or did the cat decide that facing life with her curiosity unsatisfied wasn’t worth living?
If you felt safe, would you sign a contract that allowed an exclusive sex club to claim you as their property for twelve hours?
If exciting partners could deliver your wildest fantasies, would you submit?
If the situation were completely secure and all members vetted, would you say yes?
If management knew what you really wanted and not just what you said you wanted, would you say, take me, I’m ready?
Gwen Bel Geddes just did...


Teaser, Sample Chapters, Emerald Isle Enchantment

Tullamore Castle Ireland is an enchanted place where the adventurous can expect the unexpected. Phantom lovers materialize in haunted beds, werewolves lurk in the woods, a vampire falls in love with a jewel thief, seductive Djinn appear the bedchambers, an enchanted lift carries lovers away, and a lonely griffin patrols the castle ramparts hoping to reclaim its long lost mate.
And that’s just the beginning of Emerald Isle Enchantments, steamy paranormal romance with a magical Celtic twist.
Katalina Leon, Dena Garson, Rebecca Royce, Rea Thomas, Louisa Masters, Virginia Cavanaugh, J.L. LaRose