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Free Preview of The One For Me - A January Cove Book

When she opens the door on one of the worst days of her life, she never expects to see HIM.

In the picturesque beach town of January Cove, family matters and love is always in bloom. But Kyle Parker is having none of it, focusing instead on his work and staying as far as possible from relationships.

When he finds himself on the porch of a local house he's purchased for investment, he never expects to see his high school sweetheart on the other side of the door. And when she finds out why he's there, she wants nothing more than to slam the door in his face.


Running Hot

Not all secrets are meant to be kept.

Rory Avery's got a secret. It's enough to send her running over a mountain in a 100-mile footrace through grass fires and the smoldering heat from the firefighter whose self-declared mission is to rescue her.

Rory doesn't want to be rescued. She doesn't want to feel like a damsel in distress. Cody Green, firefighter, keeps getting in her way.