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Spring Rush, Raven Harbor Romance 1

Olivia Sarlin thought she’d met the man of her fantasies, and she's in hot pursuit. That is until a sexy mystery man bowls her over like china in a tea shop. The sparks between them ignite an inner flame that Olivia can't quell. But her new path to love has a road block—a would-be suitor with a malevolent heart who will stop at nothing to have her. His ardent obsession sets off a string of events that threaten to throw a wrench into her life and come between her and the man she loves. ​

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Book 1: Spring Rush, Olivia
Book 2: Summer Season, Olivia
Book 3: Autumn Dreams, Olivia
Book 4: Winter Wish - coming this winter!


Summer Season, Raven Harbor Romance 2

Summer in Raven Harbor is known for hot days and steamy nights. But the new love of Olivia's life has left for parts unknown and his silence has chipped away at her confidence that he’ll ever return.

When a Formula 1 racing driver speeds into her path and seduces her with Latin passion, she finds herself consumed and entangled in intrigue. But when Olivia is jetted away against her will, can true love save her?


Abbie 1, Raven Harbor Lane short reads

Meet Abbie Dutton: fresh-faced, pretty and in her prime. But she's fallen off her career path and lost touch with her dream. And now she's lost her mojo. The man she's in love with doesn't know she's alive.
Then in walks Gareth, rock star on the rise. Her savvy best friend and master temptress Charlotte is on a mission to score her a roll in the hay. She's determined to make a believer out of her friend yet...

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Raven Harbor Lane, Abbie, Book 1
Raven Harbor Lane, Charlotte, Book 1
Raven Harbor Lane, Ariana, Book 1

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Summer Season, Giveaway ML

Summertime in Raven Harbor is known for its scorching days and steamy nights. But sizzling nights burning up the sheets are the last thing on Olivia’s mind when her new love up and disappears, leaving her alone and confused as to when—or even if—he’ll return. Missing Daniel consumes her every waking thought…that is until race car driver Antonio Testino zooms into town.
Olivia wants to trust Daniel, but a shocking text exposes a secret that threatens to break her heart and forces her to decide if waiting on their relationship is worth it. Antonio's fiery passion is an addiction she can't resist but pieces of her heart still belong to Daniel. Yet when Daniel can’t seem to tell her the truth about his secrets, what’s a girl to do? It's up to fate to decide and fate is full of surprises...


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