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Science Fiction

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Exquisite Agony: Prequel

The soul of an artist. The heart of a monster.
Kinsey is sweet and innocent. She’s utter perfection, making her perfect for ruination. When her father offers her as a way to pay his debt, Ronan accepts the agreement. He can’t wait to carve stories of pain into her creamy flesh and paint her exquisite agony. She must suffer for his art.

She’s a means to an end, and a new toy to play with, but she becomes more—so much more to the monster and the man. For the first time ever, Ronan starts to care about his model, to see her as more than a blank canvas from which to evoke the beauty of pain. For him, cruelty is intertwined with caring, but can she teach him a new way to love before he completely destroys her?

This is a free prequel to the full-length novel.



MttCG Excerpt

One moment, completely human and modern-day Carrie Morgan is crocheting in her living room. The next second, a peach alien claiming to be a Celestial Mates agent transports her and her dog four hundred years into the future. He leaves her there to be discovered by her supposed fated mate—a blue-skinned cyborg general.

The sly agent failed to mention a few things, like the fact humans and cyborgs are at war with each other! She’s certain Freydon Rote is crazy, but as she gets to know the cyborg general, she realizes maybe there’s something to the claim that DVS84 is meant to be her mate. Passionate nights further convince her that perhaps she’s in the right place at the right time to find her happy ending—if she survives all the challenges of her new environment.