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The war rages on and answers must be found!
Step into the final book of The Paragon Trilogy!



Between the music and the dance, theirs is a love to find. But what if that space is too wide to cross?


Constellations: a short story

Can the stars guide your way? Can patterns in the sky lead you?

Leon would have said no. All his life, he believed in getting where he was going by the hard work of his own hands.

But lately...lately, things have been different. Things have been downright unexplainable.

A short story to cozy up into. Author Bree M. Lewandowski offers her readers a different fun piece of fiction to believe in.


August Nights

Kane Sah lived his life in a straight line, with no time for detours. Until one night, a pair of brown eyes made him look left.
She's everyone's favorite bartender, but life pouring beer has grown staler than day-old pilsner. Until a man with a voice like a summer storm walks into the club.
Are you ready for hot Chicago nights? Are you ready for ballroom dancing? Melt along with this steamy sweet novella about taking chances for the heart!


Under Winter Lights: Part One

The world of Ballet had always been Martina’s world, made of music and magic. But the seasons are changing and like the snow tumbling over Chicago, Martina’s music-box world is swirling.
Director of The Bellus Ballet Company, Alan Jung, can offer her luxury and fame. But Russian rebel Maraav, “a wolf with gray eyes,” has everything Martina needs.

Three hearts made of hope, flesh and stone...

With the curtain set to rise...