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Anma loves writing stories that explore the complexities of love and human relationships. In addition to hosting two non-critically acclaimed podcasts, she works as a software engineer making kick-butt web applications. Her favorite parts of her life in Texas are those spent snuggling with her beloved Sweetie, babbling with her bestie, and relaxing with her “girls” (Grandma Dog, Pup Dog, and the infamous Pusscat).


Teen & Young Adult
Women's Fiction

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Deviations (Preview)

Miho’s long war with her own mind has her ready to give up when she meets them: charming Taka with his barely leashed rage and sweet Shinji hiding his abuse behind a boyish smile. Their newfound friendship has the potential to be so much more, if it can survive their internal demons and a world that seems so intent on destroying them.


Aisuru (Preview)

A dying teenage girl. A reluctant prince in hiding. Can their love cause a miracle?

Eighteen-year-old Sakura knew adulthood was not part of her future. With her body getting weaker and her eventual death looming ever nearer, she cut herself off from the world to die a quiet, mourner-less death.

At least, that was her plan until the yokai of her childhood fairy tales pops up in her garden, wounded and seeking aid from his late friend. Before she can stop herself, Sakura accepts him into her home, along with his young charge.

With the two working her heart in their own ways, Sakura is remembering how to live again, but is it worth the pain of leaving them in the end?



At Week's End (Preview)

Adachi's guilt-ridden trip to Aokigahara Forest wasn't supposed to include a suicidal girl, much less becoming her semi-voluntary hostage for a week. Hoping to find a way to change her mind, he offers to record her life story, but the more he learns, the more of himself he's forced to reveal...

Coming July 18, 2018!