Women's Fiction


Ariella Talix

Whew! Looking forward to this one for sure!

C.S Luis

Sexy and hot cover!

Jennifer Stevenson

Read this one, went down the rabbit hole for the whole series. Hoo boy, hot! It just escalates hotter...and hotter...and hotter... You will freak out by the time they get to the rock band's limo... or sooner...

K.D. Black

This looks like a nice spicy read.

Tia Didmon

This looks amazing!

CWG Publishers

Hot MMF, looking forward to this new title.

Krystyna Allyn

Looks good!

Elsa Joseph

This book set is absolutely gorgeous.

Simone Leigh

Such a sexy read by one of my favourite erotica authors - hot, sexy and intelligently written.

Moctezuma Johnson

Kat writes intelligent smutpunk that makes you hot and bothered while making you think. If you're like me and need a little mental stimulation to get the body going, Kat is your authoress. Before you know it, you'll be hooked.

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Dot Matrix: Mistress of the Stage (Preview)

Delilah Brooks is as much a dominatrix on stage as she is in the bedroom. An alcoholic, abusive father and a close call in a dark alley saw to that. Now Dee maintains control at all times. That is until a charismatic younger man comes along and threatens to wrest it from her with seduction and skill, instead of strictly by force.

Against her will, Marcus Hale ignites a fierce need in Dee she thought she'd buried a long time ago and reawakens a deep seated desire to be dominated and claimed.

How can Dee give up a control she spent her whole life working to obtain - especially to someone who is so young that she's afraid to be attracted to him?

Marcus knows Delilah doesn't want to give in, but he's never given up on anything without a fight. He'll use every weapon at his disposal to make


Jizziebelle, Belle of the Burlesque (Preview)

Watch the transformation as shy and reclusive Jocelyn Belle sheds her inhibitions, along with her clothing, on the stage of Hardwood's Burlesque, becoming Jizziebelle, in this ugly duckling romance full of adventure and plenty of action!

Jocelyn's shy nature and a series of personal tragedies have turned her into a virtual shut-in. The only action she's seen in years is between the pages of one of her own erotic novels. But it's time for that to end.

Practically overnight, Jocelyn transforms her depressing life, in one daringly impulsive, alcohol fueled move that propels her out of the house and onto the dance stage - dominating it in her undies!