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L'Agent Double

Three Women. Two Sides. One War to End all Wars.

When a war like no one has even seen rages throughout Europe in 1914, three women are set on a collision course with history.

Although all three women must navigate through the double agent’s world of deception and betrayal, only one of them will pay the ultimate price.

Told from the viewpoints of these real-life women, L’Agent Double: Spies and Martyrs in the Great War is meticulously researched and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Start reading this courageous tale of love, honor, and deception today!


355: A Novel

When hostile Redcoats invade New York, three women—a British sympathizer who becomes the spurned lover of Aaron Burr, a quick-witted rebel who listens at the keyhole of British soldiers quartered at her home, and an altruistic young widow who assists American soldiers in escaping the notorious prison ships—are recruited into Washington’s secret spy ring. Although only one of them operates under the code name 355, all three women have the same goal: help liberate America or die trying.


Dallas: Time for Tammy Part 1

Tammy Tymes has always been a bit… different. She may be a genius when it comes to science, but she doesn’t know much about how to communicate with the opposite sex. Tammy thought that starting college in a different state meant that no one needed to know how her twin sister stole her best friend in high school or that Tammy’s never actually had a boyfriend. Eckhart College, known for its marine biology program, may have seemed like a good place to start fresh, but Tammy quickly realizes the exclusive school is full of rich kids who just want to play with dolphins. The blue-eyed, purple-juice swigging, Yoda-talking Dallas appears to be the perfect distraction and a way for Tammy to finally fit in. There’s only one problem: Dallas doesn’t seem to be as obsessed with Tammy as she is with him


Throwing Smoke

One oblivious science major + one lovestruck fraternity brother = one sweet story!
It is the early 2000s. The baseball players at Western U are listening to Aerosmith, making bets, and just generally being their obnoxious selves. Addy Enders is a devoted marine biology student too preoccupied with breeding fruit flies and avoiding said baseball players to have time for a boyfriend. Until she meets Jed, a handsome economics major. But there is something that Jed doesn’t want Addy to know…

Throwing Smoke is an insightful and honest coming-of-age short story that explores the differences between male and female college angst and experiences. This short story prequel to the novel Thrown for a Curve will appeal to anyone who has ever admired someone from afar or had their heart broken.