Lee Warren writes contemplative essay and devotional books. His essays remind you to slow down and enjoy the present moment because we’re only here for a little while. Readers say his essays are vulnerable, open, honest, engaging, insightful and thought-provoking. His devotional books provide practical, story-driven devotional material you can use every morning to get your private worship started right. Readers call his devotional books encouraging, inspiring and thoughtful. When Lee isn’t writing essays or devotional material, he is a freelance journalist who has written hundreds of articles for various newspapers and magazines. He’s also a fan of NASCAR, baseball, tennis, books, movies and coffee shops.


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Finishing Well

To finish the Christian life well, we must live with the end in mind.

The world offers us many distractions, but none of them offer lasting satisfaction, nor do they allow for us to make a lasting difference. The reality that life is short should orient the way we live right now. The Bible has much to say about this.

In this 30-day devotional, readers will explore what the Bible says about the importance of leaving a faith legacy, persevering to the end, earning heavenly rewards, striving for unity in the faith, mutually encouraging one another, and more.

Download your copy today to begin your 30-day journey.