A long time ago in a galaxy far, far... Wait, sorry. Wrong spiel.

Way back in the far mists of time, or in the year 2014 to be more precise, Rockhampton author TC Phillips pondered ways to make more connections with the many talented writers quietly toiling away in the many dark assorted corners of his home region. The idea for Specul8: Central Queensland Journal of Speculative Fiction was born, aimed at providing a local publication avenue for both established and aspiring writers from the Central Queensland region.

Three years, and four great issues later, interest in Specul8 had grown exponentially, and the decision was made to transform Specul8 from a small local literary journal to a full independent press in its own right. Whilst the journal still remains as Specul8's flagship publication, still catering specifically to authors with ties to the CQ region, the newly minted press is broadening its horizons and welcoming submissions from authors much further afield.

We love all forms of spec fic including (but not limited to): horror, sci-fi, fantasy, apocalyptic, historical fiction, steampunk and so on...


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