Novelist, philosopher, blogger, poet, would be master chef. A woman pedaling between Peckham & Pigalle, in search of passion & enduring romance.

Emma Calin writes steamy romance novels, gritty short stories and children's fiction about love and survival in the 21st century. She has published a number of digital, paperback and audio books which are available from Amazon and other good bookstores worldwide.

She blogs about her dual life in St-Savinien sur Charente in South West France and Romsey, a market town in England. She feels extremely lucky to be able to experience the world and life through these two, very different, lenses. She spends any time she can, when not writing, on her tandem or in her kayak exploring the countryside and waterways of France.

Emma also records and produces audio books and plays the trombone (although not at the same time).


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Can broken hearts learn to love again?

Widowed Helen and Lanza, a police dog team of trust and loyalty. A terrorist gunshot and her only friend is down. When an enigmatic stranger takes fast action to save him, a bond forms. There is a spark. Can she really love again?

Could the tough but gentle Marco rebuild her life when he has problems of his own with a wayward daughter and a career on the rocks?

Terror fanatics close in on London, their target the Queen. A cop must follow her orders. A father must protect his child. Love breaks laws and hearts.

Follow the lust and drama. Let go of the guilt. Enjoy the thrill of the action. Follow Marco and Helen to the climax of passion. Hold on for the ride to the triumph of love.

An intro to Emma Calin's steamy 7-title Passion Patrol series.