Science Fiction

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The Darkness Binds

Cyrus Boris, the former teacher of children, has become the most powerful wizard in the kingdom, the Drakus Vinnikai. He is feared as well as revered. He must undertake a journey to find the lost Drakus Towers to help control his growing powers before he kills his friends or goes insane.



Keepers of the Veil

Mark Hollister travels back home to Grovestills to attend the funeral of his estranged mother. His aunt and uncle tells him a strange story that his mom is not dead but being held by an evil wizard and he is the only person who could rescue her. Mark meets up with two of his former friends who will help him in his task. They all do not remember what happened to them back in highschool, which changed their lives. They journey through the Veil into an unknown world filled with magic and dark creatures.


The Orb of Paz

Archibald Wolfstone, an elite Red Wizard Guard, is accused of killing the mystical Council of Ten. As a fugitive, he has to team up with the enemy, the Dark Conclave, to find out who murdered the council members. Archibald unearths a conspiracy which has world shattering consequences.


The Ascension

John, the son of the Knight Marshall of Lorn, embarks on a journey with the aid of his friends to take, Gwen, a mystical Eriel to her homeland. He had learned that his dead mother was also an Eriel and he wonders why his dad kept this from him. Except, Gwen has a secret of her own and uses John to help her.


The Darkness Within

Cyrus Boris a school teacher from a small village takes a journey to the royal magistrate to investigate the murders of his students. On his way to the city, he learns he inherited an uncontrollable magic capable of unfathomable power. Yet, dark forces are at work in the kingdom and he will need to navigate away from beasts and bandits to enter the capital. This is just the beginning of his adventure. He realizes in order to solve the mystery of his students deaths, he must confront his own demons in order to defeat his own darkness growing within him.


The Unseen Enemy

A senior detective, Marius first class, was assigned to investigate the gruesome murder of a prominent Mage Professor. This case is a political time bomb. The main suspect is the head of the Technologist, a group of scientists and inventors, who forsake magic for machines. Marius has to wade through the evidence to find out who the real murderer is and why. He is taken from the cobble streets of Wallender to the deep forests of the elves to look for the one person who could help him, a Keeper of the Veil.