Thomas W. Everson is a husband and a father. His family is his motivator and the loves of his life. He loves to spend time with them by indulging in fictional worlds through books, shows, movies, and games.

He was born in Seattle. He moved around to a couple different states, but ultimately came back to live and work in Washington. He loves his job working in an aircraft component repair facility, but loves being an author more.


Science Fiction

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A man faces death after an attack, but his life is spared when time travelers Ami and Agatha nurse him back to life. When he awakes in their home he's disoriented and can't remember who he is or what happened. Fearing the unknown attacker, he adventures through time as an escape, but doesn't realize the bigger dangers he's soon to face.

Traveling through time provides a new life, allowing him to make new memories in place of the missing ones. Injustices in different eras begin to define his character, and he wavers between wanting to help others and violent impulses. His personal discoveries, the new sensations, and the exploration of time become his life - the Rain Experience.