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O'Ceagan's Legacy - Sample

When her ship is threatened, the first-time captain of a space freighter must use all her knowledge and skill to save her ship and crew from destruction.

Trained by her grandfather to command, Grania O'Ceagan expects to one day inherit the family's space freighter, but first she must prove herself worthy to be captain. Her ambitious brother, Liam, is nipping at her heels and wants a ship as well.

On the return trip to their home world, they take on two unplanned passengers and run into serious, life-threatening events that could destroy everything. Grania must muster her crew and apply all she's learned to save her ship and crew from imminent destruction. Can she do it?

"O'Ceagan's Legacy" is a space adventure with a touch of paranormal.


Funeral Singer: A Song for Marielle

All Gillian Foster wants is to turn her love of music into a full-time career. She doesn’t feel that is much to ask. But her destiny is about to take a different path, thanks to a little accident.
While Gillian is surprised to be asked to sing at a funeral, she accepts the job. As she sings, she is spiritually transported to an ethereal graveyard where she finds a confused spirit who needs guidance. She can speak with him and even guide him to the next level.
But this odd ability also leads her to more trouble than she could have imagined as one of her spirit clients demands her assistance to locate the person who killed her. In the process, she draws the interest of a sheriff’s detective. Can she find the killer without getting herself into deep trouble?
First book of a series of 5.


The Wizard's Gift

When his kingdom is threatened by a powerful wizard, a Wizard King turns his skill to conjuring a way to leave his knowledge to his heirs and devises a unique plan.
A fantasy short story for all ages.