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Historical Fiction
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Secrets of Atlantis (Prequel to the Matt and Kat series)

In Atlantis, MA, Matt Michaels is in love. He knows he is -- there’s no other explanation for the way he feels. Except he’s not sure if the person he’s in love with feels the same way.

Sarah Harris is gorgeous, and popular, and above all things, highly different from him. For the first time since he met her in middle school, she’s giving him the kind of attention he only dreamed she would. It’s exciting...

...but also strange. What’s she doing this for? And why now? Is it possible they could be Swans--soul mates created for each other by the magic of their town? Or is she using him to get back at someone else?

Told in poems and journal entries from Matt’s point of view, Secrets of Atlantis leads readers into a magical world of Swans and soul mates, hope and heartbreak, as Matt and Kat


What We'll Do for Blood

Someone crouched on the ground.

They clung to something—a forearm, he realized.

Scott went cold and shivered. “Dad?”

The crouching figure turned and Maria’s shining eyes locked with his. Her mouth was covered in something dark that matched something on his father’s arm. For a second, Scott froze, watching her like she was a wild animal twice his size.

What We'll Do for Blood is the first book in a series.