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Cart Princess (short story)

On the first day bagging groceries at Gregor’s Groceries, 15-yr old Ronnie Miller falls head over heels for Nick from produce. Determined to make him reciprocate her love, she sets out on a series of attempts to catch Nick’s eye.

Not everyone is keen on this blossoming relationship, however. Other employees warn her that there is dating hierarchy in the store and to keep to her own kind. Baggers can only date other baggers. Checkers can only date other checkers. And no one from the front-end can date anyone from the back-end departments. Ever.

Ronnie finds the whole thing ridiculous and is not about to let anyone keep her from her true love. Not even the chain-smoking, leather-faced grandma from bakery who may have just put a hit on her.

Is first-love always this dangerous?