I was born in Florida, grew up in Georgia, and then went ping-ponging all across the United States with years spent in Louisiana, Oregon, South Dakota, Montana, California, Minnesota, Hawaii, Alaska, and Nebraska. Why? Why not? NOW I'm in North Carolina. How did I end up here? Too many Andy Griffith reruns! I think I'll stay a while. Until a hurricane kicks me out anyway.

My Writer's Manifesto: I love fantasy, adventure, humor, sci fi, romance, Golden Age mysteries, tall tales, lies, legends, myths, and ghost stories. I hate serial killers and brainless 'edginess.' I write for fun and I want people to have as good a time reading my work as I did writing it. So I create escapes, I don't re-report the headline news.

When I'm not pounding away at my books I'm container gardening, reading, hiking, dancing, and, uh, hang-gliding.


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