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Women's Fiction

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Chained By The Billionaire

Twenty-two-year-old Maddy Springer has spent the last six years of her life chasing Jace Farrow. Because ever since her closest friend went to prison--he’s stopped speaking to her. Calls and letters have gone unanswered and her visits have been refused.

Now Jace is out of jail and he’s made a name for himself, creating a billion dollar company that’s taken the world by storm. Gorgeous, rich, and totally damaged from the sacrifices he made for Maddy, Jace knows that the smartest thing to do is to forget the woman that he once would have died to protect.

But when he can no longer remain in control of his darkest desires, the damaged billionaire decides that it’s time to show Maddy the truth about who he is. And he won’t stop until he’s taken control of every inch of her voluptuous body.