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Speaking in Tongues

Ageing rock star Kurtz has lost his way in life, despite the comeback album he has planned. Then one night, lost in a fog of alcohol, he gets stopped outside the Church of Christ the Redeemer and invited inside where he hears the voice of God.
That's when the madness starts.


Joe Coffin Season One Episode One

“This was genuinely the best read I've had in a long time and I cannot wait for more from Joe Coffin!”
-Alli, Amazon

On the day that Joe Coffin, hitman for The Slaughterhouse Mob, is released from jail he has nothing but murder on his mind. While inside his wife and young son were killed, and now he is out for bloody revenge. The problem is, Coffin’s enemies are circling, and his wife might not be quite as dead as she should be.

Joe Coffin is a vampire horror story and a gritty gangster thriller, written TV style in episodes and seasons. If you liked Breaking Bad and Dexter, then you will love Joe Coffin. With a fast paced, multi character storyline, smart dialogue and great characters, the Joe Coffin books are written to be binge consumed, just like those TV shows you love.