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Jaden Toussaint, the Greatest Episode 1: The Quest for Screen Time

Jaden Toussaint, 5 year-old scientist and all around cool dude, is on a mission to convince the grown-ups that he needs more SCREEN TIME. His only weapons are science, ninja dancing, and his super-powered brain power. Can Jaden Toussaint get the grown-ups to change their minds?

Fans of Junie B. Jones, the Magic Tree House, Dan Gutman, and Franny K. Stein will love the Jaden Toussaint series of illustrated chapter books.



Jala and the Wolves

When 6 year-old Jala is banished from the kitchen on Thanksgiving morning, her disappointment at not getting an early taste of bean pie disappears when she discovers a magic mirror in her room that transports her to the world of wolves. The fact that she’s become a wolf herself is only the beginning! Can she help her pack survive? And will she ever get back to her human family again?

Readers of classic fantasy like The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and Alice in Wonderland will adore this chapter book for young readers. Buy this delightful adventure today.