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Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult

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The Silver Sleigh (A Mastermind Academy Christmas Special Edition)

Santa's sleigh has gone missing three days before Christmas. It's up to this puss detective to find it and save the holidays for all the children on Terra.


Fireborn - Book 1 in the Fireborn Series

Paranormal buff Andy’s dreams come true when he becomes the newest member of the Guild of shadows: an organization tasked with maintaining the balance of the supernatural. After a botched goblin hunt, Andy is punished with dusting the shelves, and happens upon a spell to summon a wish-granting djinn. Exactly what he needs to save his sister from rheumatoid arthritis.

Except binding himself to Jinjiri, a rebellious, young djinn-in-training who refuses his wish, unbalances the supernatural world, allowing all sorts of creatures to flood into the earth. The squabbling twosome have seven days to close the veil and stop the djinn king Ibis from reclaiming the earth. If they fail, Andy, his djinn and every last human will be fed to the scorpions.


Heaven and Hound

Dog-fearer extraordinaire, Barny Pedrotter is the world’s most unlikely Alpha. Just his luck to land a job training Mr Lucius' cursed and disobedient hellhounds to track a missing person. No matter how scared Barny is, he’d rather face the fleabags than flunk ninth grade. Except working with the hounds drags Barny into a millennia-old family feud, where Mr Lucius' jealous, scheming sister, tries every little dirty trick to sabotage them and spark a war between Heaven and Earth. Barny must summon the Alpha within to command the hounds, or end up on their menu.



The Silver Thief - a prequel to The Mastermind Academy Series

Top spy for the Agarthan Security Agency, Boldrick Cavendar, is up for a promotion to Head of Intelligence. All he has to do is beat his nemesis and capture the scoundrel atop Agartha’s most wanted list. An easy task for such an honored and decorated puss. But when teenage gypsy Esme steals Boldrick’s Mesura bracelet, containing information for his mission, his future in the agency is turned upside down.

Fifteen year old Esme is tired of stealing for her family’s survival, especially when they plan to marry her off to another gypsy clan. For her last heist she gets entangled with nasty characters intent on killing to get their property back. Enter Boldrick, the man cat she stole from, just in time to rescue her and his bracelet. He sees potential in her nifty skill set, and enrolls her in


The Silver Skull - Book 3 in the Mastermind Academy Series

Things are blowing up again at Mastermind Academy. The headmaster’s hot on Isabelle's tail, investigating her mysterious disappearances. She’s trying to please a friend by staying away from another. Then Lemuria kidnaps her family, and will kill them, unless she gives him a magical crystal skull. Time is a ticking so she must team up with her new friend to help track it down.

Poor Boldrick had the day from hell. Ridiculed and attacked with a broom, he decides to find a cure to become human again. Nothing he tries works, and somehow he’s inherited a spirit from a shaman. In exchange for delivering the spirit’s messages, Boldrick receives a gibberish clue for his quest. But unraveling each clue leads him deeper into danger, which he doesn't think he can get out of.


The Silver Chains - book 2 in the Mastermind Academy Series

Isabelle’s first year at Mastermind Academy starts with a bang, broken bones and her magic going wild. What a way to make new friends! Oh and her enemies threaten to kill her family if she doesn’t free them from prison. To save her folks, Isabelle sets out to reign in her magic, secure a place in the advanced class and learn to fly a Mesura. But trouble is brewing and things are taking a very different turn.

Boldrick Cavendar hides a murky past. His actions are why Agartha is threatened from Terran invasion, and why they duplicate Agarthan technology for military purposes. A chance at redemption surfaces to stop these scoundrels declaring war on his home. But for some reason he cannot put his claws on, someone keeps stopping him at each turn, and that someone might be Lady Isabelle.


The Silver Strand - Book 1 in the Mastermind Academy Series

Science geek Isabelle Tresdon would rather conduct experiments than play basketball. But one day in gym class she sprouts a seriously freaky silver strand of hair. Hard to hide and determined to cause trouble, the strand sparks like a firecracker when she tries to cut if off on the school bus. Its enough to label her the class alien. Left humiliated she wishes it never sprouted, and it withers and tarnishes.

Just when things look like theyre getting back to normal, two Masterminds arrive with an invitation to learn magic at Mastermind Academy in Agartha. It appears to be a dream come true, until she learns that her silver strand is dying, and she with it. Now she only has five days to save it. Easy peasy, right?

A middle grade fantasy adventure for 9-12 year olds.