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The Fall Of The Angel Nathalie (SAMPLE)

There's a war going on. The stakes are human souls. No-one will get out alive...

Nathalie is an angel - beautiful, powerful, and determined to do whatever it takes to protect the humans she fights for.

But what if the solution is the one thing that is forbidden? Even angels are accountable. Even angels are expected to play by the rules.

A fast-paced dark fantasy about betrayal, free will, and what it means to follow your choices to the bitter, bloody end. Read 'The Fall Of The Angel Nathalie' now!


A Treatise On blood And Iron - SAMPLE

In a world made of stories, what happens when the walls start breaking down?

Some people lose their keys. Valiben lost his kingdom.
He only turned his back for a minute, now the whole archipelago is gone. But the real problem isn't the missing kingdom, it's what's making the Universe break apart at the seams.
With the help of a cursed woman, and Maxwell - a large, blue fish - Valiben must explore the depths of the strangest place imaginable: the vast, interlocking Universe of the Storystream.
His quest will take Valiben from the first story ever told to the realms beyond death, and into the dark heart of a secret which is tearing the Universe apart.


All Quiet In The Western Fold

The stories are far too happy. It's uncanny.
For Indigo Shuttlecock - Sheriff of the Western Fold, a backwater district of cliched mysteries and old science fiction stories - the fact that her charges have lost their conflict isn't a good thing. It's a problem.
Fresh out of the Academy, Indigo thought being given the Western Fold to protect was a punishment, a humiliating first posting with no chance of promotion.
But when her stories start to succumb to a strange sickening that leaves them devoid of antagonism and interest, can Indigo uncover the secret rot haunting the past of the Western Fold?
All Quiet In The Western Fold is a comic fantasy novella set in the vast, interlocking Universe of the Storystream. If you like Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, then this is for you.