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Wanted by the Russian Mafia

I am black Mafia Princess, who is tougher as a lion, and capable of anything, so no one wants me as an enemy. But it seems the Dmitri clan, a rival and enemy of ours, have not yet gotten the memo.
By threatening my life and that of my father, they end up taking it too far!
Like an avenging goddess, I go after the rival mafia boss`s son and heir, the White Russian Billionaire named Sergey Ivanovich Dmitri wanting to kill him.
But end up getting the surprise of my life!
My name is Ekaterina, the Mafia heir of the Mosolov clan and I utterly fell in love with the enemy!

Warning: 18+ only. Unedited and may contain typos.


The Billionaire's Russian Prize

Fred Power was a lonely man; he had all the money he needed. But he was missing love in his life. He couldn’t find anyone who was suitable in his home country. So he decided to look online for a Russian bride. When he first saw Ivana A. he was hooked. She was a milk chocolate dream. He finds that he loves her quickly and plans to marry her as fast as he can. When she gets to town she tells him a secret that she had been keeping. Ivana had a tough childhood; her parents had died in a tragic accident when she was only four years old. Having spent her childhood in an orphanage she had dreams of something more in life. Now 23 years old and on her own, with Trina another girl from the orphanage. Ivana wished to find love or at least a new life with a man.


New York Rain

Jade Gillie is a young, enterprising black woman trying to make a new life for herself in the concrete jungle of New York City. In the wake of the death of her fiancé in a motorcycle accident, she never believed that she could love again, or that she would ever fall for another man the way she did for Vince – not least a powerful white business mogul who drives a Maserati supercar. And furthermore, she never dreamed that a man like Brenton Huxley – an alpha billionaire businessman with a penchant for boxing – would fall for an average girl like her.
But can their love survive the cold and rainy streets of New York, and a terrible misunderstanding that leads to thoughts of lies and betrayal? The answer lies in the story of New York Rain.

WARNING: 18+ and unedited


Double Dosage

Gloria : Fate conspired for us to meet. At a time when everything was going wrong, I met the man of my dreams. However, my hopes of ever being with him are shattered when I discover that he could be a mastermind behind one of the greatest jewel heists in history. Is Viktor who he says he is? Or is there more than meets the eye when this man, more handsome than any other I have ever seen, is involved?

Viktor: Among the ugly mutant displays in my house, I found the most beautiful angel. Her eyes shine with a radiance stemming from a radiant soul, and I fell for her the moment my eyes settled on her nubile frame. Life takes a whole new meaning when she is around, and I intend building my world around her.

Warning: 18+ Only (unedited and not proofread)



Blue Suit

Regina is finally where she wants to be; her career is reaching new heights every day, her relationship with billionaire Leo Belitrov can't be better but underneath the glitz and glamor Leo wants something Regina is incapable of giving.

Regina's career attracts all kinds of cases but when Dakota Simpson the Monster Mother of Cheviot asks for her help Regina finds herself in a quagmire of death and in the path of s psychotic killer.

Will Regina be able to solve the case in time or will she lose more than Leo's love?

WARNING: This eBook contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only! (unedited, may contain typos)


Caged By The Mysterious Billionaire

Regina James has worked hard for the career she has and has no time for love but when a murder suspect comes to her the chemistry is undeniable. Sparks are flying and clues are turning up in odd places; will Regina be able to solve this mystery or will her blooming passion for her client blind her to the murderous intent of those around her?

Warning: 18+ Only (may contain typos, unedited version)


Dark Grey

Love happened, making this a spy mission gone wrong…

Who could have known or predicted?
That a clean slate, good law abiding, American black woman like me, could end up caught in the middle of some Russian billionaires mafia war!
One minute my life was just a normal boring dull one, full of dating troubles and wishes to get married,
And then the next minute, I’m am being forced to become some Russian freakin Mafia spy,
Worse, to spy on some White Russian Billionaire named Viktor Ivanovich Dmitri.
The man who makes my body catch on fire with just one look and might just be the love of my life.

Warning: 18+ only (this book has not been edited or proofread)


Russian Billionaire's Claim

Mary Joanne: I am the exception to the rule that dynamite comes in small packages. Sexy, beautiful, strong, intelligent, and plus sized, I had given up on finding somebody who could love me as I deserve; somebody, who would be willing to give everything up, for the chance to stand by my side forever.
Leander Kolarov: The only thing more important than money, for me was pleasure. I did not lack anything, nor did I need anyone-not family, not friends, not anything. However, the second I stumbled through Mary’s doorway, by chance, or perhaps by fate, I stumbled upon something even more precious than all my billions put together; I stumbled upon love!

WARNING: This eBook contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only! (not proofread)


Pregnant By The Alpha Russian Billionaire

Sylvia Waters: I am black, I am curvy, and I am beautiful. The many years I spent talking to the rich and famous as a celebrity reporter, did nothing to prepare me for the job that came my way which concerned the most celebrated man of them all. Anthony Meadows was a man after my heart, and it seemed nothing, was going to stop him in his pursuit. 

Anthony Meadows: My loss threw me into oblivion for twelve years; a hiatus from which not even my multi-billion dollar empire could get me out of. My eventual and sudden re-emergence, however, only made sense with Sylvia Waters: The vivacious, curvy and sexy bombshell who, after saving my life, is determined to stay out of it! 

Warning: 18+ only (unedited book may contain typos)


The Eccentric Billionaire

Roberta is an in demand wedding planner who is at the top of her game. She has planned weddings for celebrities, politicians and even Royalty. She is always on the go and keeps herself busy with her career, her assistant/best friend and her boyfriend Tore. Roberta is black, beautiful and has never found herself without a line of willing suitors, yet there is something missing in her life. She receives an urgent and unusual request from the mysterious and handsome billionaire Jeremy Leon that she is too intrigued by to refuse. Roberta throws caution to the wind and against her better judgment, and agrees to plan his upcoming nuptials with a unique twist. From the moment she steps into his mansion, Roberta finds herself drawn to Mr. Leon and his devastatingly beautiful fiancé Cynthia. 18+


Desired By Two Alphas

Beatrice King loves everything about her job at the Whitebridge Renaissance Fair. She loves the costumes, she loves the visitors, and she especially loves the two delicious men she has worked with for the past three years. After accidentally stumbling upon them in the midst of a menage, she hasn’t been able to get them out of her head.

Finn Macmillan and Sebastian Kol share a secret that binds them together tighter than any oath or bond. Both outcasts of their people, they must keep their Alpha tendencies subdued to maintain their secrecy.

Warning: Adult content 18+ only (books are unedited so expect typos)



Desired By The Alpha Tiger

Hunters have come to Shifter Grove.

The Blood Moon rises and luckless Lucy needs a place to stay. Short, spunky and blue haired, she finds an abandoned cabin in the Shifter Grove woods but little does she know that it's plagued by more than rats. A hopeless romantic she's more than a match for David.

David, the resident bad boy, wants to help the hunter's in their quest for Shifter prey if the money is right. Having lived a lonely life he needs more than money to fill his needs and when Lucy ends up in the cabin he's reserved for the hunters things get heated in more ways than one.
Will Lucy survive David's feral attention or will the Blood Moon strain on mutual desire?"

WARNING: 18+ Only. Here are three parts to the same story. Each can be read alone as a single story. Mature audience!