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Angharad Thompson Rees is a comic scriptwriter, author, and emerging scriptwriter of all things magical. When Angharad is not lost in enchanted forests looking for tree fairies or unicorns, you'll find her on the sunny shores of Sydney, Australia with a notepad, a coffee, and a curious look on her face as she imagines unseen worlds for her next story...


Historical Fiction
Other (Fiction)
Teen & Young Adult

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The Painted Pony

Nobody knows Stargazer secretly dreams of freedom. Yet all he does is go around in never ending circles, entertaining hordes of excited children at the magical fairground. But when a curious boy climbs aboard the carousel pony’s back sharing tales of the Wildlings, Stargazer begins to ponder. Could there be another life outside the fairground where wild horses roam free?


The Desert Pony

A flying pony, a strange old sorcerer, and a young boy with a heart as big as the desert.
Young Hannan is a child goat shepherd with an unambitious life. Since losing his parents within the wild and perilous sands of the desert, he does nothing more than move his goats from place to place. But his contentment is disturbed when a strange sorcerer encourages him to embark on an adventure that sees Hannan leaving all he knows behind.
Hannan reluctantly begins his quest; unaware his journey will take him deep into the Sahara Desert on a flying pony. But with adventure comes danger, and Hannan must find all his courage to solve the magical and deadly riddles awaiting him. Does he have what it takes to fulfill his quest and find his parents, or will he return to his normal life empty hearted


The Galloping Pony

“I’ll never be a real racehorse, my legs are too stocky, my mane is too shaggy, and my hoof beats are just too heavy to keep up.”

Warmheart loves to gallop and dreams of becoming a racehorse when he grows up. But when a real racing yard is built next to his crumbling farm, the short-legged cob realizes he can never compete against the lightning speed thoroughbreds. Yet Warmheart has bigger problems, one-by-one his friends are being sold to keep the struggling farm afloat. He might be next...

Warmheart has but one chance to ensure he and his friends can stay together: he must beat the odds and find the courage and speed to win the grand prize at the annual Pennydale.

Can one small pony’s big heart be enough to compete against the fastest horses in the land... and win?