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Tempting Daddy's Friend

Seth is like family although he isn’t. He’s just always been around. He’s my father’s best friend. Ever since I turned eighteen he’s acting different around me. If I’m honest, I’m behaving different around him too. I don’t see him the same way anymore and it’s kind of becoming a problem.


Billionaire Vampire Lover

When The Darkness came Selena’s life became a nightmare. Vampires have taken control and human women are used for breeding and other carnal pleasures. But when billionaire vampire, Jordan Bastielle appeared on the scene, things have improved a bit. While he still uses her body, he’s kinder than most vampires and he’s generally sympathetic to humans.

Jordan has a son, Ambrose. He isn’t nearly as warm and fuzzy toward humans. In fact, he can’t stand them. Usually. He’s intrigued by Selena because she isn’t intimidated by him. There’s a definite attraction between the two of them, but to move forward, first they’d have to get past how much they dislike each other.