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Historical Romance
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Louisa: Mail Order Mother for Christmas

Louisa Gergen: Gaston was the love of my life. He was sophisticated and sooo handsome. I had big dreams of forever with him. He never told me that he was MARRIED! Our courtship that was once a dream come true has swiftly turned into a nightmare.

Stewart Hazlitt: My out-of-control sister left me with her two hellion kids after she and Joseph died. I’m all alone on this ranch without a wife or help. I can’t marry another woman, it’s just not right. Not after my beloved Mary Anne died. I won't marry another woman again, NO MATTER WHAT!….


Lizzie: Runaway Mail Order Bride

Lizzie is forced to leave Dalton, Wyoming to escape her cruel and overbearing mother. Her mother, disappointed because Lizzie isn’t the petite, pretty daughter she wants, criticizes her for her daydreaming, until finally, after one family argument too many, Lizzie has had enough.
Joseph Kendicott is advertising for a mail-order bride; he’s in trouble with the law and he figures that having a wife is better than any disguise.
But when they meet for the first time, neither is what the other expected and love seems unlikely. That is, until they realize that love isn’t bound by the size of her dress or his reputation. They share dreams and a longing for adventure, but when Joseph’s past seems to have caught up with him, it’s Lizzie who must decide whether her heart is wild enough.