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Better Running Goals: The Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Goals for Your Body, Mind, and Lifestyle

Better Running Goals is a different type of running book. Leaving behind generic advice, Fitts takes you through a customizable process for developing a sustainable running life. Based on your priorities, your desires, and your needs, this guide will help you understand how your lifestyle and goals work together to promote your happiness and success. Don’t be blindsided by the demands of a running goal that clashes with your ability to live a meaningful life. Whether you dream of completing a 5k or an ultramarathon, Fitts will offer perspective on how your running goal fits into the bigger picture of your life.


What Next?: How to Enjoy Success, Beat Indecision, and Take Action Towards Your Future Goals

From changing the vocabulary surrounding your goals, to throwing your excuses out the window, What Next? will teach you strategies for shifting your mindset surrounding your goals so that they are motivating and rewarding, as opposed to overbearing and paralyzing. How do you take action towards your dreams today? As a free gift to readers and goal setters, with your purchase of What Next?, you will receive access to the 7-Step Goal Setters Action Plan. Used in conjunction with the strategies presented in the book, this action plan will guide you as you discern your future goals. This is your life and it’s time to take control of it.