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Seductive Suspensions

This was bullsh*t.

Being suspended for a late hit ruins my history-making games-played streak.

The only good that comes out of this is meeting Kira, a woman I've noticed in the stands the past couple of seasons.

The only problem is breaking up with Rose. She wants to get married and I... I'm not quite there yet. When she gives me an ultimatum, I'm forced to make a decision.

I just wish Kira didn't complicate things.

Because while I DON'T want to get married, I find I DO want to be around Kira.



A Kiss of Shadow

A dead witch. An indifferent Fae court. Two detectives, completely at odds.

Mica Scott killed a witch. Indirectly. A witch herself, Mica is assigned to find a witch suspected of lacing human drugs with unearthly enchantments. Instead of finding her, Mica is nearly taken in by her ex and Fae, Phillip, as well as human supernatural agent, Connor Padgett.

When the witch's body is found the next night in the Fae realm, Mica feels nothing but guilt. She's given the chance to redeem herself, but it means going over to the Court of Darkness and working with Fae Kingsguard leader, Gabriel Burr.

Gabriel has his own demons, but solving this case - even if it means working with a witch - is something he must sacrifice in order to find the murderer.



The Darling Preview

They call me the Darling of the NHL because I'm the best player in the whole f*cking league.

What they don't know is that I'm not really the midwestern American everyone makes me out to be.

I fantasize about my stepsister.

I haven't see her in years but I bring her to bed with me every night in my dreams.

It's the perfect way to get through the long off-season.

Until, one night, she's at my door, soaking wet, sliding off her dress in front of me.

She wants me to watch.

And then, she's in my lap, my hand between her thighs, ready to finally feel her cu-

When my best friend Jason walks in. And she doesn't send him away.

I don't like to share but it's not like the Darling of the NHL can go public with his stepsister, even if our parents aren't together anymore.