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Fate Walks (Cavaldi Birthright Book 1)

This steamy paranormal romance will have you believing in magic!
In their world, witches inherit their power along gender lines. One woman was born with her father's magic.
Romantically pursued by a man who works for the one organization she’s running from is not exactly our heroine's fondest wish. Evil beckons, love tempts, and she would rather be anywhere else.


To See You Smile


Hold Me

Isabel Cook has had a hard time accepting her homecoming. Moving from California back to her hometown of Heartwood, Virginia has her pride squealing in pain. Accompanied by her fiancé, Duncan, she moves just in time for her fifteen-year high school reunion. There she reconnects with her old childhood friend, August McKenney. The reunion is bittersweet, as August reminds her of her past and all the things Isabel tried to leave behind. August is there to lend his support in any way he can. After all, there’s more at stake than mere friendship. They made a promise to each other. If neither one of them is married by thirty-five, they would give themselves to each other in holy matrimony. Isabel had thought herself safe, never realizing that after all this time, August still loves her.