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C T Mitchell is an Amazon bestselling author of mystery, thriller and suspense novels. His acclaimed Detective Jack Creed Series has been read by over a hundred thousand readers and counting. This action-packed series has a broad appeal, finding favour with detective and crime fiction readers alike. The series includes Rejection, Shattered, The Secret of Barnesdale Manor, Murder on the Beach, High Stakes, Murder at Stonehaven and The Thin Line. Breaking Point, a psychological thriller book, was released 10 April, 2016 with more to follow. C T Mitchell has also penned the successful cozy mystery series featuring Lady Margaret Turnbull, an amateur woman sleuth loved in her community.

Mitchell's love of mystery and adventure began with his love for Agatha Christie novels. As a young property agent he spent time leasing premises to some well-known criminal identities and was intrigued with their stories. Now he weaves those tales into his stories.

C T Mitchell's background is an eclectic mix of accountancy, real estate sales and entrepreneurship. He resides in Brisbane with his lovely wife, Sandra and their four wonderful children live close by .

Please visit, where you can message C T Mitchell. He enjoys hearing from his readers. Sign up for his newsletter, join in the Detective Jack Creed discussion on the blog, enter the giveaways and win prizes like a HD Kindle Fire Tablet! Follow him on Twitter @theshortreads and Facebook



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Dead Shot

Professionally Re-edited Updated Version
"How Do You Handle REJECTION? Nicholas Weatherby doesn't. Somebody must pay"

In this mystery thriller short story, UK born Nicholas Weatherby is about to ‘wake up’ the sleepy, country village of Lismore, NSW, Australia with a very sick, bitter and twisted plan of revenge. Communicating only through YouTube, this recluse has attracted a friend; a sympathiser who together wants to deliver Australia’s first University mass shooting.

But they never planned on Australian detective Jack Creed to be on the case. Always seeking criminal justice Jack is up to his armpits with a myriad of suspects including Nicholas’s dumbfounded parents, a taunting ex-girlfriend and a sympathiser with deep childhood scars – all with secrets to hide.


Murder at the Manor

Former UK British army Major, Digby Roberts, is found dead; poisoned during a birthday celebration given for his adopted daughter Natasha at his prestigious luxury manor on the outskirts of Bangalow, a sleepy country village in northern New South Wales, Australia.

Detective Tom Sullivan is called to investigate and is surprised to find Lady Margaret Turnbull already on the scene. He knows that she is way ahead on solving this murder mystery; much to his annoyance. Former UK resident Lady Margaret, the proud owner of Lawler's Loft, the region's finest bed and breakfast guesthouse, is also considered to be the village busy body and part time amateur sleuth. Together they work well.

"Poisoning is not random. It's a private, personal affair" is Maggies line of thought.