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Friday Night Fever (That Seventies Series)

If you found out your fiancé was cheating, would you crawl into a hole? Or, would you teach him a lesson he’d never forget?

Samantha Bennett has dreamed of a big white wedding since she was little. And she’s so very close to her goal when the dream blows up in her face. Okay, so the cheating skuzzball boyfriend hasn’t actually popped the question, but it was only a matter of time.

Fleeing to Australia to avoid her revenge biting her on the bum, Sam hasn’t completely abandoned her quest to find ‘The One’, when life catches up with a vengeance. She’s still dealing with this when she runs into Chris, a gorgeous Aussie guy, who also appears loyal, dependable and too good to be true.

Will Sam make up her mind before her competition makes it up for her? Or will the cops find her first?