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The Bonds of Blood

Saving his sister’s life means facing magic that could destroy his.

Jovian Neferis is certain magic exists far from his plantation home and talk of angels and demons is only talk. It certainly isn’t anything as close to him as his own family.

But his certainty crumbles when his sisters exhibit gifts of prophecy and magic, and his eldest sister, Amber, is abducted.

Who stole Amber, and where are they taking her? Fearing the worst for his sister, driven by anger and dread, Jovian and his remaining siblings set out on a perilous journey across the magical Great Realms. With every step they unearth more danger, magic, and mystery surrounding their family. But something far worse awaits--an ancient darkness that threatens their hope of ever seeing Amber alive again.


A Plague of Shadows

She craved change, but demonic magic wasn't what she had in mind.

Abagail is bored with life as a bee keeper, until she's infected with the shadow plague. Now, threatened to become a vessel of dark magic, Abagail strikes out to locate her estranged aunt, the only person who has ever learned to control the plague. She needs guidance, but a host of demons and evil creatures stand between Abigail and her destination. As the disease grows within her, will she find her aunt in time? Or will she be consumed by the demonic power?


The Dead of Sanguine Night

An intelligent and crafty woman. A loving family. A perfect home. And the secret that could ultimately destroy her.

Margaret Vantasyl has a great life--everything she's ever wanted and more. She also harbors a secret that threatens her family every day. The Vantasyls are one of the thirteen vampire hunter clans of Danthea. Margaret's job is to chronicle the vile monsters who plague the streets by night.

But when the women of City Center are being targeted and found dead in abandoned houses, all evidence reports that the deaths are the work of a necromancer. Now, it's up to Margaret to put her life on the line as the bait to destroy the fiendish power. Will Margaret be able to save herself before she becomes the necromancer's next victim?


Dragon Born

She craves adventure, but it comes with a price she's unwilling to pay.

Wylan craves an escape from her simple life as a water farmer. The thought of dragons and faraway places fuels her fantasies, and her need for adventure. Despite evidence of the destructive power of dragons all around her, Wylan can’t help but feel dragons are beautiful, misunderstood creatures. They can’t all be bad, can they?

But they are, and when dragons come calling, Wylan’s dragged into an adventure with a price so steep, she wishes she’d never heard of dragons.