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Nature Knights Book 1: Crossing the Rubicon

From #1 Bestselling Author Valerie Francis

In a magical world where people can summon the elements, a deadly disease is raging. Clancy Donovan’s sister has died and now her brother is sick too. Those in power say a cure is on its way, but they’re lying and Clancy knows it.

Authorities have labelled Clancy difficult and rebellious; now she’s their best hope for a cure. To succeed in her quest she must disobey the Queen, the laws of her land, and even her family.

“Clancy’s Quest” is the first book in the Nature Knights fantasy action adventure series for teens and young adults. If you like the Harry Potter series, “The Hunger Games” or “The Maze Runner”, you’ll love Nature Knights: a fast-paced life-and-death quest inspired by myth, magic and the Arthurian legend.