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The Chronicles of Mayer

A story of survival and courage in a devastated world.

When mother nature turns against mankind in the latter stages of the 21st century sending hurricanes, earthquakes, and deadly viruses to wipe out the human race, a handful of survivors struggle to stay alive as rising waters threaten to engulf most of Europe.

With many humans and animals drowned it is up to devotees Gopi Jnanamaya Kosha and Gopala Arjuna Bhutapanchaka, cow herds at Mahabharata House, a Buddhist community, to protect the sacred bovines and take them to a safe haven in the highlands of Scotland.

During their arduous journey on foot and hoof, they meet other refugees of the catastrophic flood who join them on their mission to build a sanctuary for themselves and the cows on the mountains of the Trossachs.


Changeling Fog - A Dystopian novelette from the Song of Forgetfulness Sci-fi Adventure Series

The Carnieval horror show hits town

Cannibals – Carnies – have broken into the sanitised metropolis, known as - Cityplace. Conjuring a clinging fog that turns the gentle folk into savage beasts. Only one girl, Adara, with a unique power, can save them from a terrifying fate

Adventurous and headstrong, Adara is endangered when she is forced to take refuge in the Trashland Area after breaking curfew. She is able to escape the fearsome inhabitants of this taboo area when a menacing fog descends. It follows her back to Puritytowers, carrying the Carnies with it.

Bringing their deadly show, these meat-craving travelling players hoodwink the inhabitants with a mind controlling/shape shifting mist. The Carnies summon up a supernatural tornado and steal a special child known as a Meek.