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Historical Romance
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Hummingbird Dreams (A Sneak Peek)

Growing up wherever her mother’s new boyfriend took them, Honor Thompson never knew what home was until she came to Harper’s Mill, a small town in the Kittatinny Mountain Valley. There she meets her best friend Emma and has a blossoming romance with local high school legend Simon “Spence” Spencer. The magical secrets of Harper’s Mill are nothing compared to the one Honor must keep as she’s forced to leave her home and friends.


Midnight Honey (A sneak peek)

Life had never been easy for Willow Jones since the day her mom had left her in a doughnut shop with nothing more than a few dollars and a kiss goodbye. Years later, she inherits her foster mother's bee farm. Retired Marine Sergeant Major Ashland Frost has spent the last twenty years searching for a home. Has he finally found it on a small stretch of land? Please join Willow and Ash as they embark on one of the longest journeys - the one home.


Frost and Fae: A Christmas Romance (a sneak peek)

Born on the night of the winter solstice, Snow Angel was destined to be a winter fairy and guardian in the far off North Pole. Sent to apprentice with her Aunt Crystal, Snow meets Prince Rowan, whose elven heritage goes back to the first St. Nicholas.

There beneath the domed Glacier Keep, Rowan helps guard the secrets and magic that give his people its power.

But another seeks that power and is willing to do anything, hurt anyone in order to get it.


My Sweet Charity: A Klondike Bride Rush Story SNEAK PEEK

What are a pair of nice girls to do when they’re out of luck, money, and options?
Recently orphaned, Grace and Charity Smith have only each other to count on. But when a local businessman makes them an offer to head to the Yukon to meet a husband at the House of Brides, it seems too good to be true.

They arrive in turn of the century Seattle, a growing town full of ruffians, thieves, and gamblers.

Will a pair of rapscallion gamblers from New Orleans rise to become the unlikely heroes the sisters need? Or will they be forced to sell their innocence and their bodies in exchange for a new life?


Dandelion Wishes (Sneak Peek)

Born into a family as deeply entrenched in the soil as their 300-year-old apple tree, Violet Race knows her place in the universe and where her future lies. In Harper's Mill. In New Jersey. And with Brick Hamilton by her side.

Brick, however, has other ideas. Violet is his friend. His best friend. And at 20, Brick isn't quite ready for that. He doesn't want to risk his lifelong friendship with Violet for momentary pleasure. And then, there's his upcoming date with Mandy Jones. And the secret he's been keeping

With the help of a magical tree and an opinionated aunt, please join the journey of Brick and Violet as they chase their happily ever after.

This book is part of the Harper's Mill series. It's a stand alone book with no cliff hangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed happy ending.