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The Final Death

Glint Stryger is a high ranked recruit in guild Quicksilver. Like his other talented comrades, the sandy-haired warrior trains on Mount Ash, goes on missions, and aims for Lordship in the guild of the magical armor. Little do his peers know that Glint Stryger has taken a mission from an eccentric necromancer, one that would lead to the betterment of all lives. As he works in secret and steers the future, Glint knows that Azrael Windslayer was setting the stage for an even bigger game.The Fourth does not simply mean to make life better for the living, like his warrior friend.

He aims to make all men immortal and free them from the shackles of death.

In this sequel to "The Final Life", both warrior and necromancer will see magic, wonder, and battle.


Tales of Grimea

This is a chronological collection of stories, legends, myths, and half-whispers salvaged from forgotten journals across the four continents. These seven records have been collected and archived in Indellekt's Greenstar Library, left there in case an outsider ever wishes to learn of our realm, Grimea. You are that outsider.


The Final Life

Glint Stryger is used to cruelty. As a Normal runt in a bandit camp, he wishes only to escape the shackles of weakness and join a guild.
Azrael Windslayer is a man blessed above all. He has family, wealth, and strength. However, Life can only give so much until it comes to collect its debt.
As a young murderer stumbles into a dead man, neither knows that their meeting will change everything.