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Women's Fiction

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Shadow Self

An award-winning dark psychological novel of mental illness and murder.

Suburban family life can be mundane, but it can also push you over the edge. When Thea Middleton finds herself behind bars for an unthinkable crime, she realises she’s become the most hated member of any society: a failed mother.

As she, her husband Clay and oldest daughter Sanusha try to repair their shattered lives, their individual accounts form the pieces of a tragic puzzle that will haunt them forever.

• Shadow Self is a good book. Somehow, I feel like saying that is an understatement. But what else can one say about a book one really loves? ~ The Critical Literature Review
• Every intricate detail penned by Marais takes the reader emotionally and painfully through Thea's journey ~ Herald Live


Love and Wine

With a shattered relationship behind her, British artist Helen Shaw doesn’t have much solace beyond her landscape painting and brave swims in the icy waters of the Atlantic. That is, until she meets the de Villiers brothers, Max and Jared. Sucked into their very different world of winemaking, wealth and rivalries, her stay at their homestead Bourgogne in Franschhoek, South Africa, is much more than she could ever have imagined. Torn between Jared’s tempestuous unpredictability and Max’s sensitivity and romance, Helen is attracted to both brothers. But a secret lurks at Bourgogne and tragedy is only a harvest away.