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Time's Harlot

When Sophia finds herself up to her neck in trouble with a surfeit of illegal money, an entanglement with a perplexing masculine woman, and a stable of Mamma's Boys yearning to have sex with Mommy, she decides it's time for transformation. As Sophia's divorced parents, consorting with strange bedfellows, complicate her life, she becomes embroiled in messy connections.

Will Sophia cutl ties with the past without threatening her security and stability? When she meets a man who offers her a new life, has she left it too late to save herself?

Time's Harlot, the second book in a psychological suspense series, is a sexy, unpredictable white-knuckle tale about the perils of attraction, seduction, and desire. Rediscover Sophia's dangerous world when you dig into this multilayered treat.


Time's Hostage: Extract

When Sophia finds her seemingly steadfast husband in flagrante in the garden, her cocoon cracks wide open.
Is revenge sex endangering Sophia when she falls for an electrifying stranger with specific sexual demands? Is her deceased, elusive mother's revealed explosive secret a perilous discovery? Is the price of betrayal too high? Is the rattle of the skeleton in the closet a death rattle? Sophia races against time to evade the cost of her indulgence. Will she make it? Will the past obliterate the present?
Time’s Hostage is the first book in a series of psychological suspense novels. It's a sexy, complex, and intoxicating nail-biter about the dangers of love, loss, and lust. If you like Nicci French and Barbara Vine, you'll love the first installment in the Time Seriies.
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