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The Ravenglass Fragment V: Harbinger

In the penultimate chapter of the Ravenglass Fragment, Alex St. John discovers that his girlfriend Anna now has a dragon named Athramar, and that she's the chosen one of the elves, Gordon P. Chandler throws a fit and breaks something, his minion Marla tries to keep him calm, and Panzerboy gets captured. Elsewhere Loren and ace boy reporter Rob Maher help plan the resistance with an army of dwarves, centaurs, sprites and beastmen, while Mia and Arngrim seek the final fragment that Gordon Chandler needs to complete the God Machine. All the pieces are in play, and destiny is bearing down on the Shepherd and his friends.


The Ravenglass Fragment VI: The God Machine

The final showdown has come at last. To thwart the plans of would-be god Gordon P. Chandler, Alex St. John and his companions must now take on an army of ghouls and fanatics armed with automatic weapons in a battle to the finish. The Shepherds aren't without their own weapons, either -- Annabelle Lee Moore bears the power of a goddess and rides a mighty dragon, Loren Hodges holds an enchanted earth weapon and boy-reporter Rob Maher has the power to heal and inspire. Even so, it's going to be a tough struggle, as Chandler and his followers have completed the God Machine, a device that will draw power from a dozen worlds and make its owner a being of absolute power. Even with the help of an army of fantastic beings and ancient magic from the dawn of time, it looks as if the odds are against


The Ravenglass Fragment IV: Hell's Pavement

With the Ravenglass Fragment in the hands of a fanatic and their companions missing, Alex St. John and Mia Jordan must brave a charnel labyrinth and a horde of cannibalistic humanoids to rescue a friend and discover the location of the last piece of the puzzle -- a piece that can grant the enemy absolute arcane power.


The Ravenglass Fragment III: The Stones of Heaven

The Stones of Heaven is part three of the exciting Ravenglass Fragment series, featuring demon hunter Alex St. John and his companions. The Ravenglass Fragment is missing, stolen by a hostile sorcerer and his cult of fanatics. Alex and his team search for the lost artifact, and for the kidnapped Dr. Naomi Johar, who may hold the key to the entire mystery. Alex's friends Loren -- journalist and gamer nerd by day, occult detective by night -- and the sorceress Annabelle Lee Moore, accompanied by boy-reporter Rob Maher and the ever-loyal hound Beowulf, visit a seedy rock club in pursuit of a young musician and his fantasy artist girlfriend, who are both part of the cult, then face down a terrifying four-armed demon before following their quarry through an enchanted gateway to another world.


The Winds of the Past

Jarvin was just a poet and storyteller, estranged from his family, content simply to drink wine and laze in the sun. That was before one of his poems offended a vengeful nobleman, before he was rescued by the barbarian Ragar and his companions, and before they all set off into the trackless north, on a quest to right ancient wrongs. Now, Jarvin must use his talents to chronicle their journey into darkness, where the wind howls down from frozen mountains and the cold slices as deep as a sword. But Ragar's plans go disastrously wrong, and the companions find themselves lost in a frozen wilderness, under attack by foes both natural and unnatural. Is Jarvin's last tale be the story of his own death?


The Ravenglass Fragment I: The Dream of the Rood

It is the Dark Ages in northern England, and the poet-monk Cynewulf travels alone, seeking answers to his questions of faith and mortality. In the wilds of Northumbria Cynewulf encounters a creature seemingly risen from hell itself, but is saved by the mysterious Norseman Arngrim, a man with terrible secrets of his own. Together, monk and warrior must now face down a vengeful sorcerer and an army of magic-spawned horrors, as well as the dark shadows of their own pasts. "The Dream of the Rood" is the first installment of the exciting new series, "The Ravenglass Fragment," set in the world of Anthony Pryor's dark fantasy series, The Shepherd.


The Ravenglass Fragment II: When Shadows Walk

It is a thousand years since the events in "The Dream of the Rood" and the mysterious Ravenglass Fragment is going on display at the Portland Art Museum. The ancient Norse warrior Arngrim warns his friend, demon hunter Alex St. John that the fragment is a potential source of limitless power and evil magic, but when Alex and his friends visit the museum to investigate they are confronted by a hostile sorcerer who summons living shadows to seize both the fragment and archaeologist Dr. Naomi Johar, the fragment's discoverer. Now Alex and his friends are in a race against time, desperate to learn the secrets of the Ravenglass Fragment and to rescue Dr. Johar from her kidnappers -- whoever or whatever they are.


The Big Fall

Jewel thief Johnny D's had a pretty sweet setup as a successful criminal who moonlights as the masked crime-fighter, the Grey Ghost. At least until someone frames Johnny D's for murder, forcing him to don the Ghost's mask and team up with the mysterious Phantom Detective to clear his own name! "The Big Fall" is an adventure in the greatest tradition of classic pulp fiction!