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Game of Bones

You are about to enter the world of a crazy cat lady-wannabe sleuth-herbalist-witch and her eight (nearly clinically) insane cats.
Please proceed with caution -- there is some pretty strong magic within these pages. I challenge you to not fall under the Infiniti's spell. If you remain unmoved by the Infiniti's charm and character then you need to let me know what kind of magic you're using!


Witch and Famous

Take your cat's advice. Or pay the price.

Hattie Jenkins is ignoring her inner power. The herbalist witch would rather concoct a plant remedy than a magical potion.

But, when Hattie and the cats stumble across the body of a local actress, the witch-in-denial is forced to face her internal sorceress.
Because the murder involves magic.

Fancying herself as a female sleuth and unable to resist a mystery, Hattie and the cats find themselves in a murder investigation that involves stories of unrequited love, full moon mania and the quest for eternal youth.

Can Hattie embrace her magical inheritance before the killer can strike again, though?
Maybe it's time to start listening to her furry herd …

With humor and romance, this paranormal witch cozy mystery is sure to give you a serious case o