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Treman Mills: Gory Serial Killer Horror

Hurrying to get home before dark, Rachel and Charlie take a shortcut through the dangerous section of Treman Mills, a town where five brutal, unsolved murders have occurred in the last year.

When the Black Thorns gang catches them on the wrong side of town, Rachel and Charlie flee into an abandoned building.

But they are not alone in the darkness.

In the spirit of iconic horror classics such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Maniac, Treman Mills is a heart-pounding, gory tale of betrayal and one town's decay. If you enjoy old school slasher horror and serial killer stories, you will love Treman Mills!


One Autumn in Kane Grove

#1 Best Selling Author Dan Padavona's creepy vampire thriller. Visceral and haunting, for lovers of Salem's Lot and Storberry.

During a season of terror, a university confronts a series of brutal murders. Is a serial killer loose in Kane Grove?
Or does something darker haunt the night?

A disturbing vampire horror story that garnered 5-star reviews as part of The Island anthology.


Download your copy today, because you love vampire horror.

Praise for Dan Padavona:

"One of the most exciting writers to burst upon the scene in quite some time." - Bram Stoker Award-winning author Brian Keene


Storberry: Gothic Vampire Horror

Her body is shattered. Tossed aside behind the garage. Fang marks dripping blood. She is the first. She won't be the last.

Another victim is discovered in a quiet residential neighborhood. Drained of his blood. Dismembered. His wife dead on the floor. She will rise again.

Now two abandoned teenagers must escape their darkest nightmares. The monster stalking them is relentless. Bloodthirsty. Insatiable.

And the sun will soon set.

Is anyone alive in Storberry? Can the teenagers survive the night?

More bodies are found across town, and a terrible storm wipes out the town's communication system. No escape.

Nightfall is coming. Tick-tock. Tick-tock.


Dark Vanishings: Post-Apocalyptic Horror

Humanity vanishes from the earth.

Tori awakens to find herself alone in her town. Then the evil ones start following her.

Running from those who would murder her, she flees with a strange boy who seems to know her.

Now a dark secret awakens inside Tori, and she is in a race against time to save what little remains of humankind.

Follow Tori through a horrifying post-apocalyptic world in a story readers describe as "addictive."

Start reading now!


Crawlspace: Serial Killer Horror

They thought nobody was hiding in the attic. They were wrong.

Jerry moves into Kelli's decrepit apartment complex, where a series of bloody murders occurred years ago. Soon Jerry discovers a hidden entrance into the attic, a crawlspace through which he can secretly enter his neighbor's apartment.

But he isn't the only person aware of the secret entrance.

And now his friend has gone missing.

Down the road, a farmer is found murdered. Dismembered. Head nailed to a stake for all to see.

Perhaps the murderer, who was never caught, has returned to Kane Grove. Or is it a copycat?

The attic above Jerry and Kelli's bed will not stay quiet. Strange noises in the dead of night.

Is someone hiding in the crawlspace?

Heart-pounding horror that terrifies and keeps you awake at night.


Quilt: Dark Serial Killer Horror

Would you risk your life save a child?

Annelise's most promising student is Jadyn, whose community is terrorized by gangs and a series of grisly murders.

After Jadyn stops coming to school, Annelise determines to find out why against the faculty's better judgment. Her students claim Jadyn's neighborhood is haunted by a serial killer known as The Halloween Man, a belief she attributes to urban legend.

When Annelise ventures into the city in search of Jadyn, she discovers the urban legend is real...and more terrifying than she imagined.

Now she is trapped on the wrong side of town, and The Halloween Man is closing in on her.


The Face of Midnight: Serial Killer Fiction

“One of the most exciting writers to burst upon the scene in quite some time.” – Bram Stoker Award–winning author Brian Keene

Would you break into houses if you were homeless?

Becca has a system for sneaking into unoccupied homes. Nobody has caught her. But Becca's murky past is about to catch up to her.

When New York's most notorious serial killer, The Midnight Killer, closes in on Becca, she has nowhere to hide. After fleeing from a deranged stalker, Becca takes shelter inside an abandoned farmhouse. Something evil lurks within the house, and a freak October storm traps Becca inside. Now she must survive the night.

And it's Halloween.

Dark horror in the spirit of Halloween, When a Stranger Calls, and Friday the 13th, from the bestselling author of Crawlspace and Storberry.


Severity: Gripping psychological horror with a killer twist

What if you discovered your husband is a serial killer?

Marissa is leading an idyllic life on The Cape - until a terrifying revelation tears her life apart. When two women are murdered, the evidence implicates the fastest rising business leader in New England -- Marissa's husband, Tristan..

Another body is found in the woods outside of Medford. Butchered.

But Tristan isn't a killer. Is he?

When Marissa unearths the dark secrets of her husband's mysterious past, she questions everything she knows -- and begins to fear for her best friend's life. Yet Tristan has no relation to the victims. Is someone trying to frame her husband?

Now Marissa races to stay ahead of a bloodthirsty killer and save her friend. The truth of her marriage reveals itself, too horrific for her to face.