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The Purple Dawn

He was just a kid when it happened.

Kids are supposed to grow up playing x-box, basket ball and football, not kill zombies!



John Pirillo's Backlist of Published Stories

A detailed list of all published works by the author, John Pirillo.



John Pirillo's Backlist July 2018

Backlist of all my works.




The Golden King has been wounded in battle by his own son.

He is dying.

Merlin has other plans.



The Frankenstein Equation

Victor has a secret.

He's alive!

His father created him in a laboratory of pain and death.

But now he's free and looking to fix a few problems that he sees along his path to understanding himself.

You just better pray you're not a criminal or monster that gets in his way.



Raven Goodknight

Raven Goodknight is a detective with a mission unknown to his partner: stop the supernatural monsters killing people.

There's an old saying, it takes one to know one, and Raven has that down solid.

He's a supernatural human with only one goal in mind: to discover who he really is and to stop the monsters who want to kill him and others.




During World War Two the world was at a tipping point.

Hitler could smash the planet with his more technological weapons and powerful Storm Troopers, or America could step up to stop him.

We came close to losing the war when Hitler was found to be developing the Atomic Bomb.

But that didn't happen.

What if it had?

What if it had been Hitler who had launched the first atomic weapons, and not us?

And what if we developed a secret weapon...a flying counter Hitler's offensives.

What if?

Included with this special edition of Rocketman is also a sneak preview of the Time Shifters, an exciting new series of science fiction adventures that mashes X-Files with Star Wars excitement.



Sherlock Holmes Gears Worlds Box Set One Preview

A new Holmes you’re going to love!

You will journey into a world of urban fantasy, mystery and science fiction because there you will find adventures such
As you’ve never imagined before.

Sherlock Holmes and a team unlike any before: Professor Challenger, the Invisible Man, Count Dracula, Harry Houdini, Conan Doyle, Captain Nemo and the fabulous Doctor Watson!

Seven tales set in an alternate history and reality, a parallel universe, where magic and science both work hand in hand, where the villains are more powerful, the adventures more outrageous and the fun never ending.

Sherlock Holmes vanishes mysteriously and is replaced by a rough and rowdy version of himself. This leads to a series of misadventures and mysteries that will draw you through a twisted labyrinth of terror/suspense.



Urban Fantasy Tales Volume Six

This is a sampler version only.

Contains only Holmes -- This is a preview


How Conan came to be a part of Sherlock Holmes Baker Street team and made the transition from our Earth to that of the Baker Street Universe.

The Einstein Equation

A young grad student is sent across the universe and returns with supernatural powers.

Young King Arthur

Before he became Arthur became the Golden King of Camelot he had to learn wisdom, strength and courage.



Midnight Angel

In a world where magic and science are colliding.

In a world where all the writers of our world are alive in that world.

In a world where all the good...and bad characters ever written exist, Sherlock Holes
must deal with Steampunk science madness and dark horror mystery.

In this case Sherlock Holmes investigates the death of a Midnight Angel...a prostitute...loved by everyone, who was anxious to make a better person of herself...when something horrible happens and her life and those about her are changed forever.



Sherlock Holmes A Tale Less Told

Sherlock Holmes is on a very dangerous case, when one by one his friends mysteriously are abducted.

Returning home to 221B, Holmes must solve a mystery that is fraught with danger and fear for himself and the ones who have not been taken yet.

Will Holmes be able to solve this puzzling and dangerous mystery?

Will he be able to save his missing friends with the help of Constable Evans, Harry Houdini and Mina Harker, Dracula’s daughter, or will they also vanish one by one, mysteriously, taken by some invisible, unknown force never to be seen again?


Tales of the Baker Street Universe

Six great stories that take us on an adventure with Sherlock Holmes and Watson, to other times and worlds with Lord When, through other dimensions with Chesterton K, to exotic romances with Angel Hamilton and the wonderful world of magic of King Arthur and Merlin.

From beautiful fractal flame worlds to diabolical fiends, your heart will thrill to beauty beyond measure and freeze in horror at crimes and monsters unimaginable as Sherlock Holmes and Angel Hamilton battle evil.