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The Guildmaster Thief novella

None of the guildmasters of the powerful city-state of Ness think twice when they are given the opportunity to creatively humiliate Ralan Miller, the younger brother of a fellow guildmaster and an all-around public nuisance. Yet that fateful decision changes everything and launches an epic story that includes sarcastic rogues, heroes with hidden pasts, shady assassins, cruel guildmasters, and a litany of other interesting characters. Behind it all is the fascinating world of Ness, which is slowly seen to be teetering on the edge of invasion and civil war. Full of political intrigue, a secret past, and layers that are revealed bit by tantalizing bit, The Guildmaster Thief is a tour de force of worldbuilding, storytelling, and colorful characters.

This is the original complete novella.