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Historical Romance
Science Fiction

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The Onyx Sun

I'm a historical romance author, but occasionally I like to dabble in other time periods and settings.

I wrote The Onyx Sun, a 3000 word sci-fi romance for a writing competition.

When the terran space freighter Onyx Sun has a catastrophic engine explosion, communications specialist Alexandra Lovell and engineering chief Pete Conrad battle massive system failures as well as their own unresolved personal feelings.

With three hours to go before their decaying orbit goes terminal, can Alex and Pete repair the communication arrays as well as their relationship?


Moonstone Promise

After her husband’s death, Pennsylvania widow Ann Sellars forges a business partnership with Toby Jackson that quickly becomes a close friendship. But when Toby proposes marriage on the eve of leaving for England, the pain of her husband’s passing is still too raw and Ann refuses. Eighteen months later, Toby is returning. Can Ann bid goodbye to the past and love again?

In this short story, told from the viewpoint of Ann Sellars and in letters from Toby, Elizabeth Ellen Carter reveals what happened to Toby Jackson after the conclusion of Moonstone Obsession. and, in flashback, the events that led Toby to leave Pennsylvania for England.


The Tin Bear

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Kate arrives at the auction house on a mission – to buy a vintage tin toy bear that her grandmother once treasured as a little girl. She never expected to find a man there who sets her heart a-flutter but is he after the same thing she is?

The Tin Bear was selected for publication in the 2015 Australian Romance Writers Little Gems competition. This year’s theme was Peridot. You can purchase this anthology and previous anthologies here.

It is my first contemporary romance.


September Harvest

In ‘September Harvest’ by Elizabeth Ellen Carter, seasonal crop picker Andrew is still a boy himself when he introduces 12 year old Tilly to reading. Instantly besotted both with Andrew and with books, Tilly eagerly awaits his return to her village over the course of 7 summers. Childish adoration is now a young woman’s love but has she misread his feelings for her over the years? With this story, historical romance author Carter paints a sensitive picture of life and growing up in rural Kent in the late 1800s. Her other titles include the Regency adventures ‘Moonstone Obsession’ and its sequel ‘Moonstone Conspiracy’, and ‘Warrior’s Surrender’, set in 1077 Northumbria.


Three Ships

Three Ships by Elizabeth Ellen Carter is set in 1806 of the Devon Coast. Laura Winter lives on St Joseph’s Rock, a tidal island that is home to a lighthouse that protects Ashton-on-Sea. On a late November day a violent storm brings not only the handsome Lieutenant Michael Renten but also a clutch of pirates bent on wreaking mischief.