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The High-Salary Employee Fallacy

People believe that the only way to achieve financial success is by becoming a high-salary employee. But is it really? When it comes to money and wealth, most people have it all wrong in their heads. They usually come from a flawed money mindset and are victims of several misconceptions and fallacies. One such common misconception is what I call the “High-Salary Employee Fallacy”. The majority of people believe that the only way to increase your income and achieve financial success is by becoming a high-salary employee. But is it? Let’s find out in this ebook!


7 Easy Steps to Becoming a Modern Slave

The society we live in is trying to enslave us. Here is how to fight back! This guide outlines the easy steps that will keep you chained to your desk and glued to your computer. Looking for a different path? Find alternative options after each step, and learn how to keep your personal and professional freedom.


How to Make $1 Million in 10 Years or Less by Building an Online Business

One Million Dollars. It certainly has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Here is a plan on how to make it in a decade or less! A lot of people in this world would love to call themselves millionaires one day, yet only a few will actually achieve it. By acquiring a Net Worth of $1M or more, you will be well ranked in the top 1% of the world. You will also have definitely broken free from modern slavery. In this article, we will focus on how to do it by building an online business. In this ebook I will present an action plan that will take you from $0 to $1M Net Worth in a decade or less. Are you excited already? Let’s do it!


From Employee to Online Entrepreneur

Struggling financially while trapped in a dead-end job? Check out my 20,000 Words Playbook on how to make the leap from Employee to Online Entrepreneur and achieve the Financial Freedom you so much crave for!


10 Emerging Mega-Trends: Are you prepared for a new world?

The world is changing rapidly. Here’s how you can prepare yourself. The world we live in is about to change. Several huge-scale trends are taking place as we speak and they are going to transform the way we live. Learn about these mega-trends and prepare for a new world by reading this comprehensive guide!


My Daily Ritual for Extreme Productivity

How to accomplish more in one day than other people accomplish in one week! When it comes to productivity, most people are clueless on how to work efficiently, and more importantly, how to work effectively. This guide provides a robust framework that will allow you to explode your productivity. Read along to learn how to boost your productivity to levels you never thought possible.


33 Money Lessons I Learned from a Self-Made Multi-Millionaire

Learn the secrets of the millionaires with this guide! Discover 33 invaluable money lessons that I learned from a self-made multi-millionaire! Follow this proven advice to pave your way towards millionaire status!