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A God Among Thieves

For thousands of years an ancient race of gods have ruled with bloodthirsty vengeance, and for thousands of years nothing could defeat them. Until now.

To the north lies an expanding empire of muskets and cannons which will soon reach the desert state of Moqara. To the east: deadly alliances and rising anarchy. In the middle stands a prince on the verge of losing everything he has to one foe or another, until luck brings a remarkable young thief to his doorstep. Against all odds, Kes has intercepted a message from the enemy. A message which could save millions of lives. But time is running out.

In order to prove her worth, Kes must return to the front lines of war. By her side is Lazden Dadario, a war hero who once swore to protect her, and who has regretted it ever since. With them: Jad