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Other (Fiction)

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The Demon of Paris

A City of Lovers has a dark secret

Back in Europe, Jassassah the Demon is looking for mischief and a promotion. She wants to get into the highest circle of hell and won't stop until she gets there. To achieve her goals she needs to create a break down in society. That is the challenge presented to her by Lorcan the Overseer of Hell. Now she's finally caught his attention she needs to perform at her best, with Paris as her playground. Can she turn a city of lovers into a city of haters? And succeed in terrorizing humankind?

Will she succeed? Read today and find out.


The Demon of Dhaka

Join Now! The army of evil is recruiting

Jassassah the Demon from the fourth circle of Hell just learnt a lesson. When friends become enemies it means death to your previously untarnished demonic reputation. As a result she finds herself in the slums of Dhaka, why? Because she needs to prove to the administrators of Hell that she's still got it! Her one-way ticket out of destitution lay in the hands of new recruits. Faced with a team of ambitious half demonic beings, she embarks on a training program. Untapping potential and creating a team of monsters... all to attack us, the human race.

Will she succeed? Read today and find out.


The Demon of Vienna

Evil discovers an old city of darkness

Vienna has a dark history so why doesn’t Jassassah the Demon from the fifth circle of hell feel comfortable. Because she is being tested by Lorcan the Great Overseer of Hell.
Lorcan can make, or break her career and she needs to prove that she’s got what it takes. Can Jassassah conquer her fears? Can she learn the answer to one of lifes great unanswered questions? And can she learn how to enslave the human race, because that is what she really wants to know.

Read and find out.


The Demon of London

In the beginning, there was darkness, and her.

What does every demon want in life? To be invisible of course. Jassassah the Demon finds herself on the London Tube, and just what is a demon meant to do when traveling with busy distracted commuters? Well if she isn't ruining their lives it would be a wasted opportunity. Jassassah picks off her victims one by one, delving into their secret, dark and most disturbing thoughts. Reminding them of the monsters they once were or showing them the monsters they can become.

How would Jassassah play with your mind? Or could you even distinguish her whisper from your own thoughts?

Read the first book in The Demon Series and follow her adventures. Just don't read it in the dark, because she might be reading over your shoulder.


Possessing Asya

Asya wants to marry Ahmet, being his wife will provide the life and stability that she craves.
It's full steam ahead until Melis her best friend gets in the way.
Revenge and public humiliation drive Asya into the arms of Evren, who she thinks is the man of her dreams. It's not long until she realizes it's a trap and Evren doesn't belong in her dreams but her nightmares.
Who will win? More importantly who will pay?


King Solomon and the Cat

A graveyard cat and King develop a bond of friendship and love. The cat is really a humble Jinni in disguise, the best friend of King Solomon. Who is the most powerful prophetic king of the world.
The Jinni is a first hand witness to legendary events that are folklore today.
Imagine being in King Solomons Palace? What would you see?
Read King Solomon and the Cat


Mr. Time

With haunting eyes and a heavy heart, Mr Time is a dying man with forgiveness on his mind. Stubborn because he doesn’t want to give his, but in reality does Mr Time needs to ask for it? Can Mr Time be humble? Will he get into heaven? Can he overcome his final test? And end lifelong differences with his son?
Read Mr Time today!


Confessions of a Witch: Based on a true story

Based on a true story: Adam was the name given to the body of the boy, found in the River Thames in 2001.

Ade doesn't hold much stock in Nigerian folklore, that is until a case lands on his desk. Adam was not much older than Ade's daughter Kesha when he was murdered by occultists in a ritualistic ceremony. His swollen dismembered torso found by an early morning jogger.

Ade aghast that his communities backward beliefs are on his London doorstep rises to the challenge. He does his job as an Investigator for the Metropolitan Police. That is until he meets the Witch.

Can he bring her to justice? Or will he lose in the process?


The Egyptologist

The secret of catching a Jinni.

Please note this book has dark and disturbing themes that may be upsetting to some readers.

Ornais wants to know what Bradford (The Egyptologist) is doing in the Valley of the Kings. Bradford spends time deciphering ancient hieroglyphics which contain a code that gives him a power he should never possess, a power dangerous in humans hands.

The hieroglyphics teach Bradford the mysteries of the ancients, the secrets of how to control a Jinni.

Bradford is a madman, and Ornais the bait, one trap later and their fates are sealed. Who will win? And who will die?


Devils Daughter

Berna always hid her supernatural talents, aware she didn't inherit them from her parents. All her life she knows she has been lied to.

As her birthday approaches, her powers grow stronger, looking to be unleashed onto the world. Struggling with the power growing inside her, Berna knows it's not easy when you don't fit in, so where does she fit? All roads lead to a backwater village. What dark secrets will unfold? Where did she come from? Who are her family? With every unanswered question, Berna wonders what answers she will find.
Buy Devils Daughter 4th Story in the Jinn Series.


The Crush

Can a jinni and human love story work? Naaymah is breaking all the rules to find out. Falling in love with Badr was unexpected, impossible for a jinni - but it happened.
Badr has questions, is he on the verge of mental illness? Or can he dare to secretly believe she is real?
Their relationship challenges everything they've ever known, boldly pushing them into unchartered territory. With Naaymahs younger sisters high society wedding fast approaching and her families old world values, everything that Naaymah and Badr are building will be challenged.
Will love win?
Buy the crush (second story) in the Jinn series.


The Demon of Istanbul

Evil has friends in secret places

Defeated by the Angels of London, Jassassah the Demon from the fourth circle of Hell needs a new base. Somewhere with no scrutiny, where she won't be monitored, where she can sink underground and where she has friends.
Remembering Galian the old Byzantine, she rides the Orient Express train to Istanbul. Jassassah has a secret plan which Galian will learn and it involves releasing some dark demons held captive beneath the historic city of Istanbul. Jassassah the Demon needs an army to exact her revenge, not on the Angels directly but on the beings they the human race.

Will she succeed? Read today and find out.


Magician's assistant

Business is bad for Magic Mo, and that means give up his independence and going home to live with his Mom. As a grown man, he can't let that happen. Besides, In his heart he was never an accountant, he can't deny his destiny he is a showman meant to be on stage. With one last effort to keep his independence, Magic school calls with promise of a new beginning, but the best tricks involve dark, menacing secrets. Sacrifices need to be made. What would you offer?
Buy magicians assistant (third story) in the jinn series.


The Seance

Would you contact him? Frank isn’t here and Eleanor his widow wears a mask of coping. The abyss of loneliness drowns her, she can't live without him, this isn't life she merely exists. Questioning whether their life together was a beautiful lie?

Sorrowful Eleanor takes extreme measure because she needs their love to survive. Eleanor needs to believe. Her actions have consequences, she doesn't know them yet but she will soon find out.

Buy the seance (first story) in the Jinn Series.


The Afterlife of Abdul

The End. Azrael the Angel of Death, grabbed Abduls' soul from his smashed and mangled body as it lay on the cold wet asphalt road. Parted from his motorbike, Abdul didn’t die alone. He killed Jenny, an innocent six year old girl she was asleep in the backseat of her mothers' car. Seconds before the crash they were strangers.

Their souls collected as they transitioned from our world into their afterlives.
Imagine dying and meeting Azrael. What happens when you die?

Read the first short story in the Azrael Series and find out.