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Renee Rose

I love a sexy, dominant hero and Emmanuelle de Maupassant writes them so well!

Mariah Stone

Emmanuelle's books are HOT HOT HOT and a real treat for anyone who loves historical romance

Simone Leigh

The queen of decadence....

Lana Gotham

It doesn't get hotter than an Emmanuelle de Maupassant book!

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Baby Love - a romantic comedy

Heavily pregnant Delphine's rat-fink husband has packed his bags and abandoned her for the charms of their sexy neighbour, leaving Delphine struggling to cope.

Delphine's sisters insist that the best remedy for a broken heart is a healthy dose of pampering: cue a spa break, where there's more in store for Delphine than a hot stone massage and a spell in the Jacuzzi.

A bittersweet romantic comedy from Emmanuelle de Maupassant.


Cautionary Tales

‘Funny, brutal, and irreverent’ –

12 Tales inspired by Eastern European and Russian superstitions and folklore: darkly delicious imaginings for the adult connoisseur of bedtime stories.

Tread carefully, for the dark things best left behind in the forest may seep under your door and sup with you; the lover at your window or in your bed may have the scent of your death already on their breath.


Scarlet - an erotic short story

What are we capable of when there are no limits?
When we have no shame, or inhibition, only the compulsion of desire?

A short story from Emmanuelle de Maupassant, inspired by the folk tale of 'The Red Shoes'.



The Captive Contessa

The Contessa di Maglieri is finding her stay with the Duke and Duchess Baritore over the Christmas season very dull... until, one night, her host leads her beneath the castle to the cellars.

There, she discovers something unexpected and enticing, beyond the door the Duke keeps locked.

'The Captive Contessa' is a steamy short story.



Headmaster's Plaything

When Miss Benning arrives at Charrington Academy for Boys to interview for the position of Headmaster's secretary, she has no inkling of what awaits.

18+ due to extensive erotic detail
A short story, to whet the appetite...



Lady Bluebeard

Centuries of cold live in these walls.

Spiders build their empires, in this wind-bleak stronghold.

And my lady keeps to her tower room.

“My man-boy,” she says. “Will you protect me?”

I’ve left behind the boy, and become the man.

We are all creatures of the castle.