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Born in Blood

Before he became the "man" we all know in the Operation: Harvest trilogy, William Strickland was a contracted Black Ops operative, working with a team of highly trained individuals on off the books missions across the world. When his team gets called to a remote mountain range in Romania, it seems like a quick and dirty "easy money" situation... but things go completely sideways.

Don't miss this action-packed thriller that sets up the events in The Fog of Dreams, and the entire Operation: Harvest trilogy!


Iridium Attacks

Long before Brie Northstar began her adventures in Daughter of Athelon, her father was an ace pilot for a top secret fighter wing called Iridium Squadron. Wed to his new wife Jary, Redax Northstar is called away on a deep space mission against a sinister Reblox long range weapons satellite and he needs the help of a Bragdon stealth squad to get the job done. However, the world of Redax and Jary is about to change forever with the birth of their daughter, a young girl who may shape the stars in this quadrant for all time.